Negotiate4U is an interesting and unique business. We can save you money on just about anything; whether it is a new car, a flat screen TV, credit card fees with high balances, or even reducing your monthly cell phone bill without compromising your plan. Here is how easily it works…

You get the best price you can. Once you get that price and the details, you call us. And that’s when we Negotiate4U.

The best part of human resources London consultant services is that it don’t cost you anything. We earn half of what we SAVE you.

Let’s say you would like to buy a flat screen TV. You go to Best Buy or where ever you’d like to go. You get the best price you can; let’s say it’s $4000. Then…….

You call Negotiate4U. We call our contacts, INCLUDING the place you went to and we negotiate a better price for you. In this instance, let’s say we get a price of $3400. That’s a $600 difference from your price. Negotiate4U would earn half of the savings or $300. And you would save $300. It’s just that easy.

Negotiate4U has several plans. We will figure out the best plan to suit your needs. We can physically accompany you to your source or offer our services over the phone.

In addition to making purchases, Negotiate4U can also help you with credit or debt services, such as cell or landline plans, health and home insurance plans; anything associated with “fees and monthly plans or rates” . Especially, on how to eliminate credit card debt legally

In this economy EVERYTHING is negotiable especially Debt. Everything . So when you believe that your price is the lowest, 90% of the time Negotiate4U can save you money.

Negotiate4U has been fortunate to have been recognized for our good service and has had articles written in newspapers and magazines both locally and nationally. The Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Post, The Boca Raton News, Best epic fantasy books journal, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Washington Post have all produced stories about Negotiate4U.


We are only a phone call away.

Please give us the opportunity to Negotiate4U.

You have nothing to lose.